Firm Overview

Pearlstein & McCullough LLP is a New York law firm with a boutique practice focusing on art law the international art market. We represent leading collectors, dealers, auction houses, advisors, funds and museums. We handle private sales, auction sales, on-line auctions, commercial transactions, disputes, civil litigation, and criminal defense. We have significant expertise in cultural property law and regulated sectors of the art market, such as antiquities, endangered species (including ivory), customs, seizures and sales tax.

We are steeped in the problems of the art trade. Every day, we help clients who buy, sell, collect, and consult on art at a high level. It’s all we do. We are not general practice lawyers who occasionally handle art matters. We are immersed full-time in the problems of the art trade. We work comfortably with people who handle art for a living. We have close personal contacts with leading collectors, dealers, curators and auctioneers. We bring a high level of insight and decades of experience to transactions and disputes particular to art as an asset class and to regulatory issues affecting the art market.


Art Law

Why You Should Put Our Expertise to Work for You

Art Law is an inter-disciplinary practice focused on matters relating to works of art. Sophisticated art market participants realize that prices have grown too high and risk has become too great to conduct business without the benefit of sophisticated counsel. Conducting business in the art market now requires the expertise of counsel who understand the specialized vocabulary of the art world, understand the concerns of dealers, collectors, auction houses and museums, and have the seasoning and experience to help clients navigate the special problems that often arise in the international art market.