Recent Matters

We have recently represented clients in the following matters, which are representative of the sophisticated matters we handle:

Government Investigations

Settled a 2-year long investigation into import violations regarding Mesopotamian cuneiform objects for Hobby Lobby.
• Represent Nancy Wiener in a pending Criminal Complaint regarding alleged stolen property issues
• Represent the target of a New York State criminal sales tax investigation regarding the purchase of high-value artwork
• Represented a Major American collection regarding alleged stolen property issues
• Privately settled foreign patrimony claims against two major US auction houses



• Purchaser of $30M Impressionist painting via private sale
• Major American museum purchase of a $5M contemporary painting
• Commercial advice to a major online auctioneer
• Commercial advice to a marketing firm for artists
• Seller of an important ethnographic art collection
• Seller in private treaty sale/consignment of a $10M contemporary painting
• Seller in private treaty sale of a $500,000 contemporary painting
• Buyer of a group of important Egyptian antiquities
• Buyer of a $4.5M antiquity
• Dealer in sale of mid-six figure painting and mid-seven figure sculpture
• Museum purchase of important American Indian objects
• Estate of artist in consignment of $12M mixed lots to Christie’s
• US buyer of $5M Old Master Painting
• US art adviser in acquisition of $25M painting by major UK museum
• Foreign consignor of $5M ancient coins to Swiss auction house
• UK dealer in proposed sale of $4M tribal art to major US museum
• US collector in loan of painting to Danish museum
• Special counsel to art and collectibles fund
• Review art market disclosure in private offering documents
• Acquirer of rights to sponsor NYC art and antiques fair
• Boutique fashion company on the international trade and marketing of high-end fashion accessories
• Seller in the sale of a $1M Egyptian antiquity to a major US museum
• Collector on the OFAC rules on import of works containing rubies from Burma
• Collector on the purchase of a $300,000 old master painting from a UK gallery
• Major American museum sale of a $5M painting



Won a motion to dismiss a title claim to Renoir’s La Balayeuse for MGM Resorts, Mirage Resorts, and Bellagio
Filed a Complaint against the Republic of Lebanon and the NY Country District Attorney’s Office in a title dispute over a $1M artwork on behalf of William and Lynda Beirwaltz
• Won a Complaint for Galerie Salis against an auctioneer in an authenticity dispute over a Giacometti table
• Dealer in settlement of claims arising out of the sale of a $1M painting sourced from Glafira Rosales and wrongly authenticated
• Dealer in connection with claims relating to works stolen from Jasper Johns
• Estate in connection with a $1M Renaissance manuscript
• Owner in connection with demand for return of rare manuscript acquired by public institution after a defective foreclosure sale
• Dealer in demand by foreign government for return of a $1M sculpture
• Dealer in demand by US museum for rescission of sale of a rare SE Asian sculpture
• UK dealer in repurchase and repatriation of $1M Asian objects
• Swiss coin dealer in contested forfeiture of ancient coins
• Recovered $4M of rare works of art after seizure by US Fish and Wildlife
• Recovered Egyptian antiquities after detention by US Customs and Border Protection
• Recovered Ghandaran antiquities after seizure by US Customs and Border Protection
• Recovered Egyptian coins and antiquities after seizure by US Customs and Border Protection



• Art and Antiques Trade Group in opposing efforts by US Fish and Wildlife Service and New York state legislature to restrict the trade in antique ivory
• US collector of Latin American materials in evaluating potential exposure under foreign patrimony laws and US law